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Regular Comp


Comping exercizes develop a thick fat dick. Easy in theory but hard to master, comping takes some time and practise.

How it works?
Comping (compressing) is squizing the shaft, increasing it's ability to hold blood. Just like filling a baloon with air the tissue over expandes and when it heals it becomes stronger and bigger in order to contain more blood the next time. This makes your dick thicker, stronger, and also helps with Premature Ejaculation.

How to do it?
Put one hand with OK fingers wrapping the base of your shaft, this hand holds the blood from flowing back to the body.
Position the other hand at the top of your shaft, below the head.
Push the hand toward your body, squezzing in a contlrolled forcing the trapped inner "muscle" tissue to expand. Focus on squeezing the sides and be carefull not to swallow your veins. Only your shaft should expand with minimal vein swallowing, this takes some practice.
You can alternate hands.
Try pushing the pc muscles gently outwards (like when you are forcing piss or a fart..) you need to find the balance between an erect penis and an outward pushing pc muscle.
If you do a dry workout you should be carefull not to pull the skin on the top of your dick, to help with that try to sit down or use the base grip hand to squezze towards the upper hand.

Stay safe
Your penis should be warm and loose, about 80% erect and lubricated to avoid pulling and stretching of the skin. I am using a small amount of good quality conditioner like head and shoulders or loreal..check out what works for you.
If you feel abnormal pain, experience bleeding, or anything that feels excessive you should stop immediately, rest and understand where you went wrong...Be carefull and listen to your body.
For futher reading go to our quick anatomy class.

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