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Getting started Guide

Welcome to Dick Academy

Please read this carefully before starting your workouts.

Dick academy teaches you how to use your hands to exercise your dick

and build it bigger and stronger, you will get to know your dick better and learn to control it with your hand and body. You and your dick are gonna be best friends.

So lets take quick anatomy class and look at the interior structure of the penis.

The inside of your penis

In our Natural Penis Enlargement program we will focus on the spongy tissue on the sides of the penis the ‘Corpora cavernosa’, this is the “muscle” that gives you an erection and makes up most of the bulk. That is the area you will squeeze in your compression and milk in your jelqing sessions.

The areas you should avoid stressing are:

  • The bottom area of your shaft , this is the ‘Urethra’ where the urine passes

  • The upper part of your shaft, this is where the ‘dorsal nerves’ and veins pass so be carefull.

Spend a few moments touching and getting to know these areas while your dick is in rest and erect. Over the time you will get the feel and know when you are doing it right.

Before you start, Measure your dick

You probably done this already many time.. but take a second to measure your dick.

write the size and date when you started the workout,

measure again every two weeks and track your progress.

Don't expect to grow an inch every month.. half an inch a moth is great!

Remember, it took you all your life to become what you are now so be patient.

You will know it when you see and feel the growth for yourself.

If you want to speed up your growth. you can join premium and get better exercises,

hand made :) to super charge your dick.

Get your dick in the mood

When exercising your dick needs to be:


I usually exercise in the shower, it's a great way to keep your dick warm and loose during sessions. It was once a “thing” to put a warm towel or cloth on your dick.. I think it’s stupid and the shower head warm up is a better more elegant way to keep a good warm temperature. You can even use one hand to exercise and the other hand to shower warm water on your dick or browse your phone, which leads us to the next thing...

Semi erect

What is a semi erect state? Its when your dick is full but not very hard.

I usually go to pornhub or x-hamster on my phone to get aroused and ready.

Technology has made life easy, before the invention of smartphones i had to literally imagine sexy girls doing sexy stuff,can you believe I'm that old??

So take your phone with you just be careful not to drop it in the shower :)

Another important thing about the "state" of your dick during sessions:

While jelqing stretching or compressing, don’t force-erect it or kegel (pc squeeze) at the same time. When fully erect and hard or tensing (and trying) to get fully erect, you are contracting the PC muscle and stressing your dorsal veins and nerves. This leads to discomfort and makes you prone to injury. If you feel you are trying too hard to keep that semi erect state, relax and start again, soon it will be easy.


Conditioner is my secret lubricant

Use some lubricant to help your hands slide on your dick and avoid pulling the skin. It was once a “thing” to use Vaseline, hand cream or even olive oil but i recommend using a good hair conditioner.

I use ‘head and shoulders’ regular conditioner, just a little bit you don't need much, it works well with the wet shower environment and never gives me skin irritation.

Be creative and find out what lubricant works for you.

What to expect

Don’t rush it, use your first two weeks to learn the skills.

Start easy and learn as you grow. Each dick is different and you will find what works for you, your unique style... You will start to see and feel a change after two weeks! your dick will get stronger and bigger as you learn.

Stay safe

listen to your dick! Don't force too much blood into your dicks top and surrounding veins, don't force the bottom too much, avoid pulling and stretching of the skin.

Check out what works for you. If you feel abnormal pain, experience bleeding, or anything that feels excessive you should stop immediately, rest and understand where you went wrong… Be careful and listen to your body.

Get support

You are more than welcome to contact me , ask me about the growth process, personal help explaining the exercises, anything really...Don’t be shy,

Share your journey with me, anything that's on your mind. Contact me at Just grow it!

Good luck


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