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Basic Kegel


Kegles set a foundation for rock solid erections. They give a penis its “Horsepower” and allow for other gains to be preserved. A must for skinny dicks, as they help develop stamina and thickness.

What are pc muscles?
PC muscles are a set of muscles that stretch across the pelvis and sort of hold your junk (Anus Dick and balls) in place. During ejaculation these same muscles are pushing the semen out, so you can see why exercising them is important...Kegels and super streches involve contracting and releasing these muscles in different ways.

To find your pc muscle you can:
Stop the flow of urine next time you pee, the muscle that you contract to do that is the pc muscles, you just did a kegel!
When erect, can you “make your dick dance” up and down? so you are contracting your pc muscle to do so.

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