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Jelqing is the mother of all penis enlargement exercises.
It grows your dick longer and thicker and makes you hang and feel better.

How it works?
Similar to milking a cow, just with a penis and no milk.. the jelqing forces blood through the penis while stretching it outwards. While performing the jelq you are squizing the side walls of your panis (Corpora Cavernosa) filling the cells with blood and expending them, just like exersizing a muscle these over expanded tissue heals and becomes stronger and bigger in order to contain more blood the next time. This is how your dick grows bigger.

How to do it?
Forming an ok with your fingers, move slowly up the shaft squeezing it outwards, stop before you reach the head. You start over with the same hand or alternate hands whatever is convenient to you. The squizing should be mainly on the sides of the penis.

Don't force too much blood into your veins (located mostly on the upper part)
Don't force the buttom too much (this is where the pee goes so no gains there)
Your penis should be warm and loose, about 70-80% erect and lubricated to avoid pulling and stretching of the skin. I am using a small amount of good quality conditioner like head and shoulders or loreal.. check out what works for you.
Stay safe
If you feel abnormal pain, experience bleeding, or anything that feels excessive you should stop immediately, rest and understand where you went wrong...Be carefull and listen to your body.
For futher reading go to our quick anatomy class.

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