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10 benefits of doing kegels

Just like a healthy breakfast,

Kegels are the foundation

of a rock solid erection and the basis which everything builds on.

Kegels (PC contractions) are essential for penis strength and blood flow, they give a penis its “horsepower” and allow other gains to be preserved, a must for skinny dicks, they help to develop thickness and stamina.

Here are 10 benefits of doing kegels:

1 - “Rock solid” erections

Strong PC muscles means strong blood flow to your Corpora Cavernosa (a spongy muscle like tissue that holds your dicks blood and gives it its volume and girth, read more here) more blood to these tissues hardens them, and gives you a “Rock Solid” erection.

2 - Fuller and thicker dick

More blood flow also means that your dick has more power to expand its cells and support the extra thickness you get from other workouts like jelqing and comping (Read about comping here) making your workouts actually work out.

3 - Stronger full blown ejaculations

These muscles also push and squeeze the sperm out of your penis so keep more tissue at hand. Do your kegels in the morning, and you could squirt all over her boobs at night.

4 - Better blood flow and better sensation

It’s a sensation! Don't need no explanation!

5 - Fucking harder

Strong PC muscles will make you a better harder fucker

with a stronger dick that can take some punishment

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6 - Lasting longer in bed

Stronger pc muscles will make fucking so much easier, you will be able to enjoy all those benefits and keep going on and on and on…

7 - Achieving the “Multi Orgasmic Man” status

Have you heard about tantric sex and multi orgasms? When you do Kegels while having sex You can postpone ejaculation to the point after orgasm and keep on going on that crazy cliff ..I will make a separate articles about tantra sex and multiorgasms in the future but for now, let me tell you that it's only possible after you master your kegel work :)8- Reduce the risk of sexual dysfunction diseases Most sexual dysfunctions are related to weak PC muscles, also things like prostate cancer and such, so that that.

9 - Curing (physical related) impotency

Can’t get it up? You probably need to do some kegels and see your dick raises from the deep, which bring us to morning wood

10 - Morning wood like a boss

After a good advanced kegel stretching at night , you will literally grow your dick as you sleep.As morning wood will force blood to the new cells built in your NPE program, your dick will be full and thick and you will enjoy the best morning wood ever.

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