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Does Size matter?

I have heard the saying that

“size doesn’t matter” numerous times.

I read it in the Cosmopolitan,

in health magazines, saw it on media and YouTube videos,

and heard it in polite conversations, well... it’s a lie!

Size matters.

Just like men prefer women with tight twats, women prefer men with above average penis size. Women find bigger dicks to be more pleasing to the eye and body.

Am I stating the obvious here? “Does size matter?" is a stupid question, we should not be asking does penis size matters, but rather what are the effects of penis size on the life of men and their relationship with women?

A good sized healthy dick usually affects a lot of things that women find sexy and attractive in men. Women are attracted to strong confident man, those man initiate more contact and are active and comfortable around women, they project more self esteem, they make woman feel more comfortable around them and in turn have more sex and better relationships. On an evolutionary standpoint bigger dicks have more chances of getting a woman pregnant and so they are preferred for preserving their genes.

But forget about evolution... when you are insecure about yourself and your penis size it usually shows, you get terrified around women and all your mindset is wrong, that makes you already in deficit without even saying a word! You are bound to fail.

Small penis size can also cause a whole range of emotional issues and psychological side effects like Shyness mixed with arrogance, fear mixed with sudden bursts of cruelty towards women (Think passive aggressive) and the list goes on… I will write more about those things in a separate post because these are very important subjects but for now let me just say that small penis size has physical, mental and emotional consequences that you must overcome in order to succeed with women and in life.

Your mindset, maturity and emotional IQ very important things that we also addressed in our program so you can have a bigger dick, both physically and mentally.

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