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What is the average penis size?

This is one of the most common questions asked on the internet by man and woman alike. You can find many penis size ranking world maps and charts. From Asian men in the bottom through American and European and up to the African champions, erect penises come in many shapes and sizes...

The average length of an erect penis is around 5.5 inches.

More than 80% of men have a penis between 4-6 inches and most of them want a bigger dick, that means that about 65% of man are not satisfied with the size of their dick!

What is the correct way to measure your dick?

To measure your dick properly place a ruler on top of your erect penis pressing really gently (don't cheat :p) to your body, from the tip of the head to the pubic bone, That's how you measure length. To measure your girth use a measuring tape or a piece of string and wrap around the thickest part of your dick (but not the glace). Write down these numbers before you start our program so you can follow your growth (measure every two weeks or so)

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