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Can pills and supplements make your dick bigger?

Short answer is NO!

The Vitamin and Supplement industry drives a 25 billion market!

This industry will do anything in order to convince people to waste hundreds of dollars a year on addictive pills that do more harm than good, its in their best interest to retain this cruel cycle.

Male enhancement pills are a mix of uppers that increase your heart rate and pump more blood to your dick… this is just a temporary fix for erection, like taking Viagra it might help getting your erection up and going, but it will never make your dick bigger.

Let me write that again, in bold letters: No pill will make your dick bigger.

Natural Penis Enlargement will

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Just as a bodybuilder can’t build muscles just by drinking protein shakes,

a penisbuilder (I like that word, penisbuilder! ) can not get bigger just by taking pills.

Male enhancement pills contain dangerous chemicals that will artificially increase your heartbeat and blood pressure and make your sexual dysfunction problems worse in the long run. Male enhancement pills have a long list of side effects, they can lead to addiction and those pills can even kill you as they increase the risk of heart failure and stroke.

In my time I experimented on myself and took many pills and herbs that supposed to help.. they didn’t. Physically I had stomach aches, I was getting nervous and angry for no reason.

One time, while being on testosterone boosters I finally decided to do some blood tests,

as my doctor looked at the results she was shocked.

She told me my endocrine system is going nuts, turns out that as my testosterone levels increased, my estrogen also went through the roof.. she ordered i must stop taking them immediately if I don’t want to get man boobs and other unpleasant surprises.

That said, good nutrition can help increase the effectiveness of your NPE workouts and support your gains. I will touch this subject in future posts and give you some easy rules to follow to maximize your gains and overall health.

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